Wednesday, March 07, 2007

By "popular" request...

I've had a few questions from my readers that they must know the answers to! In a blatant effort to artificially inflate my post count, I'll be responding to these over the course of several posts. Maybe I'll make this a regular Wednesday thing! I need to put that label to use, after all.

Have you ever tried to roller skate?
Why yes, I have. I haven't just tried, but I'm actually halfway decent at it, or at least I was the last time I tried. The roads at home don't particularly lend themselves to roller skating (they're paved with this nasty jagged rock substance that kills your knees - either as shock absorbers or if you fall), but I've had the opportunity to go to several roller-skating rinks over the years. The last time I was on skates, I even managed to teach myself to successfully skate backwards! I am proficient on skates and on Rollerblades® (I still own a pair), but I definitely prefer the flexibility of the in-line skates to the traditional style.

What is one thing you wish you could do with your hair?
Convince it to stop growing and to stay where I tell it. I like the hairstyle I have, I've had it since I was 16 (I adopted it in August of 1999) and it's suited me well.

What are 5 things that you think everyone should do before they die?
  1. I think everyone should come face-to-face with the truth of Christianity and make an informed, intelligent decision to accept it as the supreme absolute truth in the universe or reject it as absolutely false, a delusional fairy tale. They must realize that there is no middle-ground. My preference is, of course, that they decide to adopt it for themselves, but I have faith that everyone who is confronted with the truth (and not some bastardization of it) will make the correct choice.
  2. I think everyone should work a job in customer service, retail sales, foodservice, or a related low-wage job emphasizing customer interaction where the customer will often treat you as a cog in the great machine. Everyone needs to learn to accept this treatment but rise above it to prove their worth to the company, their usefulness to the customer, and that their common position does not make them into a common person.
  3. Find a cause whose goals you support (not one that convinces you to support it or a cause that found you) and wholeheartedly work to bring its goals to fruition. Never commit to the group unconditionally, but always be aware of the goals of the group and support them while their goals and yours are aligned.
  4. Attend a concert to realize how much better the real thing is than a recording.
  5. Learn the differences between "you're" and "your;" "their," "they're," and "there;" and "it's" and "its."


JadeGordon said...

I tried to roller skate. It never went well. I gave up when I was at a rink with friends, and they talked me into trying one more time. I put them on, stood up, and fell right on my butt. Someone skated around, and finally looked over the rail to see my lying on the floor. "Oh! HAHA, I saw you, then I didn't see you, I didn't know you were down there! SO... not so much with the skating?" I am notoriously clumsy, I think it's just not for me!

Lori Ann said...

I love to skate. We used to have school skating parties several times a year. The best part was the moonlighting songs where the lights dimmed and you had to go out on the floor as a couple, or the "referees" (the guys who wore black and white shirts and patrolled the floor - what else do you call them?) made you get off.
I didn't even try to in-line skate until just after college. By then, it was just scary. Too late to learn new things.

JadeGordon said...

You, Mr. are starting to slack on your Wednesday tag!