Saturday, March 10, 2007

Notes for Spring Break...

This being my third Spring Break associated with LeTourneau University (though only the second that I'm staying on campus), you'd think that I'd learn a thing or two about the way things happen here. Firstly - the hours for many things (like the library where I can go to get free Microsoft software because I'm in the Computer Science department) are reduced. That's to be expected of course, but I forgot how drastic it is. For instance, the library is closed all weekend. I was expecting to drop in there today to pick up some software (Vista, baby!) and get it up and running over the weekend. Alas, I can't do that until 8am on Monday. It would have been nice to check this YESTERDAY so that I could have checked the software out then. Oh well.

The other thing that you'd think that I'd remember is that....there is nowhere to get food on-campus from today (Saturday) until Sunday or Monday (I forget which). I found this out today as I migrated to the dining hall at 11:45am for lunch and found it shut tight. *sigh*

Thank God for Taco Bell and for nice former roommates who fly home leaving you with their car.


JadeGordon said...

Our school has issues with open lab hours. Especially when portfolios are due, and people really need as many hours as they can get for rendering.

Lately, I have had crazy cravings for Taco Bell beef tacos. Nothing special, just simple tacos. Sadly, there is no convenient Taco Bell nearby. I like their burritos and such, but really, tacos would rock. Maybe nachos supreme. I haven't had that in a long, long time.

And hey, I have more questions. I'll have to pass them along to you and Lori soon. (-:

TurboNed said...

In my life, Taco Bell is easily the restaurant that I have been to second-most frequently. (My parents' is first, I think...though in all honesty, I may have been to Taco Bell more).

Anyway, in all that time with all that food, here is a comprehensive list of everything I have eaten at Taco Bell. Asterisks are next to items that I have had fewer than 10 times. Items listed in no particular order.

Club Chalupa*
Nachos (regular)
Bean Burrito
Pintos & Cheese
Cinnamon Twists
Chicken Quesadilla*
1/2lb Bean Burrito Especial
Medium Soda
Large Soda

JadeGordon said...

Their Chicken Quesadillas where the first quesadillas I had ever had. I got crazy about them. I make them myself at home now.... but I still like Taco Bell's version sometimes.

So burritos are your most commonly ordered Taco Bell food? I think mine might have been the Chicken Club Burrito. When I lived near a Taco Bell, it was that and nachos, nachos, nachos. I've tried to burritos at home, but I just make a mess. If I use the same fillings and use the Quesadilla format, I'm good. The only way I can make nachos is if I make a layered dip. (-:

Not especially related, but I think we *always* ordered it with the biggest Mountain Dew available.

So what do you eat at your parents' place? Is it roughly the same?

Lori Ann said...

I'd like to add some witty comment here, but really, I can't. I haven't eaten at Taco Bell in at least 6 1/2 years. And when I did eat there it was because co-workers forced me.