Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thinkings, ponderings, etc.

For a long time, I've mysteriously (as far as you know) stopped posting to my blog here. That's because it came to my attention that some people were reading this blog that I wasn't sure I wanted reading my blog. Obviously it's not a private blog, but one's public musings aren't significantly less private when among a billion other public musings than they would be if I simply encrypted them, e-mailed them to the people by whom I wanted them read, and attached some sort of program that would destroy all traces of the musings before they could be sent on to unauthorized people.

All that to say - I've decided that I don't really care too much who reads this. There's one person out there that I hope will be wise enough to stay away, but that person can make the decision of the person's own accord. In a perfect world, my blog would be public with exceptions. I'd have certain people that I could lock out of it. But I can't, that doesn't exist, so I have what I have. I'll live with it.

There. Now that that's taken care of, maybe I'll get back to writing/musing/ranting/whatever once in a while. I apologize for the interruption in your regular service.