Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Wednesday! Questions!

Discuss a short moment in childhood where you learned something important about life?
Honestly? I can't think of any particular "something important" that I learned at some point in my childhood. Perhaps it was when I started working a regular job at 13 (learning the importance of keeping a regular schedule, keeping the boss happy, etc.) - but since my boss was my mother, I don't know that starting the job really taught me anything new in those realms. I'm sure I learned new cool important stuff, but nothing specific comes to mind.

What was the most special present you ever received at Christmas before age 7 or 8?
Well...honestly...I can't think of a single present that I got at Christmas before age 7 or 8. I got a Nintendo somewhere in there, but I can hardly classify it as "most special." It was more of a "big, cool, memorable" present. Around age 10ish I was given Day of the Tentacle for Christmas. I still play that game today. That's my first SCUMM game and it started my obsession with collecting LucasArts adventures. Searching for these Wikipedia links led me to this WoW guild run by Ron Gilbert - co-creator of Day of the Tentacle and the first two Monkey Island games. I was highly amused. Ok, I'll stop linking now. Unless the page actually needs a link.

So yeah - the present that's had the biggest impact on my life from that timeframe would probably have to be Day of the Tentacle.

When your phone rings, aside from the obvious, what do you do? (Eager for incoming calls, not so eager...?)
Nothing too specific - I answer it. I suppose that's the obvious. If I'm asleep (which is often the case), I wake up and do my best to sound like I've been awake all along. I'm actually pretty good at it. Try it some time - any time of the day or night give me a call. Odds are that if I was asleep, you won't know it. Of course, thanks to my highly odd sleep may have trouble finding a time when I'm actually asleep to call.
And - referencing my earlier post - I virtually always assume that it's 'her' on the other end of the line.


JadeGordon said...


I'll comment more later, but I wanted to first make sure you have more questions!!

What are all the types of cheese you have ever eaten, and what were your feelings about each one?

What were the top 5 things you have watched this year (movies, TV, etc)?

I have no bananas today. Discuss.

I know that's not a question. Does it need to be a question?

What are 2 things you look forward to most this summer?

JadeGordon said...

I... didn't play a lot of video games until I was a teen. I had occcasssional acccesss to Atari. Pac Man, Pitfall, Duck Hunt, Tanks, pong... Oh! And I used to have E.T. - and I beat it without having any idea what I was supposed to do.

More links is never an especially bad idea!

I can't try it sometime, I don't have a number. (-: The real challenge would be that you would have to start talking right away and a lot, because I'm mostly just gonna say "Hi?"