Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flipping through my CD case the other day...

I found this.

Here's the description that I included when I posted it on YouTube:

This is an animation I once made to help me learn a dance. The blue cylinders are the guys, the pink/purple ones are the girls. When they stand in place and bounce, that's known as "setting." The rest of the movements are done (as you can imagine) with stylized feet movements. All of that stuff was easy for me to handle, the hard part was knowing where to go and when - so I modeled it with Bryce so that I could study it at my leisure to learn the movements. The music is actually for Pinewoods Reel, but they're both 8x32 reels, so it all works.


Lori Ann said...

This makes me think of kilts.

TurboNed said...

Well it should. I learned this dance so that I could go to a party with a lot of guys in kilts and do the dance alongside them. It was a cool party.