Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Remember that all-night take-home SQA midterm?

Ah, I just got it back today. I would have gotten it back yesterday, but that was the class that I slept through yesterday because I don't always remember to check for that stupid little illuminated dot telling me, "Hey, you idiot, you're setting your alarm to go off just after dinner!" Anyway, I passed it with brighter colors than I probably deserved considering how well I actually know the material, but I'm certainly not going to complain.

Anyway, happy Wednesday to you all. Maybe tonight I'll have something of at least moderate interest to post. Thoughts, ponderances, or just some JavaCC woes? Yeah, tonight I need to finish a CFG for a grammar of a simplistic variation of Java (but one that supports nested comments) and come up with an AST generator for the grammar.

In other news, I like Wikipedia.


JadeGordon said...

I found a really cool thing on Wikipedia last night. Hoar snow!! It's like snow that GROWS.

TurboNed said... didn't link it! You have to link it!

JadeGordon said...

The link was on my other 'puter.

It's like snowing up!