Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I look at my clock, and it stares back at me.
Yeah, I actually have one of those blinky-LED binary clocks. I don't really use it much for actually telling time since I'm usually too tired to want to try to figure out which lights are lit and what values they represent and what their sum is. Mostly I just have it positioned right beneath my monitor so that I notice when it suddenly goes real dark because it went from
.O.OOO    ......
OOO.OO to ......
OOO.OO    ......
and that tends to shock the ol' eyes when the room is dark.

Anyway, I just looked up and saw that pattern and remembered the old days when people had clocks that had blinking dots between the hours and the minutes. You know, the stone age of clocks. They were dim and red and big and somehow always magically came on at the exact same time the DJ decided to announce that it's 7 o' clock. Or maybe I'm confusing real life with the movies again.

Anyway, in conclusion, I wish to state that I believe that all frequencies in the EM spectrum deserve equal status as consideration for the term "color" - we should not reserve that term only for those frequencies which we can see unaided with our eyes. That is all.

And now 3:28 has come and gone. It does that.

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