Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mmmmm, sleep?

Occasionally I remember that sleep isn't this luxury that people indulge in when they've nothing better to do. It actually is necessary once in a while.

Crash time.

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JadeGordon said...

Ah, OK... here's what I was trying to remember...

Cow: Uh oh, Chicken, look what you just ate!! Sugar frosted coffee flakes! Caffeine enriched!

Chicken: So?

Cow: The ingredients are : Coffee, coffee bean husks, reconstituted coffee grounds, adrenaline, recycled caffeine, and freeze dried coffee filters, extra coffee flavor... OH! And it says here that you will not be able to sleep for 3 days!!"

Chicken: Sleep? Who needs sleep!? I don't need no sleep!!

The other fun quote was : "Mom told me never to talk to strangers, and you're pretty strange." I say again, just because it bears repeating. Especially in this context. (-: