Friday, March 02, 2007

In keeping with tradition....

I figured I'd throw another random blabby post up because I can. I've been told that I do it well. And at least one reader has complained that it's what my blog consists of - quantity over quality. I'd hate to change just because one reader complains, though, so I'm just going to use his bandwidth to host...

My first-ever Warcraft 3 victory replay file!

Requires: War3 1.21 w/Expansion


JadeGordon said...

I do not have that game, but you know what I do have? I have a HUGE monitor. ::flex::


Lori Ann said...

Congrats, Ramoona!

JadeGordon said...

You haven't updated in DAYS!! SO... I challenge you!! I will ask questions, you try to answer them in your next entry, and then you can send me a list of questions, and I'll do the same! They should be different questions!! I could answer these same things, but I'd probably do that here rather than on my own journal.

Have you ever tried to roller skate?

What is one thing you wish you could do with your hair?

What are 5 things that you think everyone should do before they die?

Do you own a wall calendar?

Is there a cuisine that you have not tried, but want to?

Weirdest thing you enjoy eating (what most people you know do not eat or enjoy)?

Discuss a short moment in childhood where you learned something important about life?

What was the most special present you ever received at Christmas before age 7 or 8?

When your phone rings, aside from the obvious, what do you do? (Eager for incoming calls, not so eager...?)

Can you ride a bicycle?

Have you ever broken a bone? (What? That isn't a comment on the idea of you engaging in physical activities!)

What is your favorite view (Out of a particular window, from a tourist attraction, on top of a hill...)?

Do you own one?

Is there an instrument that you are particularly fond of?

Where are you on the height scale in your family?

TurboNed said...

Holy cow that's a lot of questions.

JadeGordon said...

The standard meme of questions is usually 20 or more, I think I've seen up to 100. It's all relative. (-:

Lori Ann said...

Can I have some questions, Ramoona? That sounds like fun.