Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Thanks to Jade, Google, and many others, I've got this website looking much cooler than it did this morning! That picture you see? That's all Jade. She is a master with Photoshop. I tried to use the image you see here, but you can tell hers is a heckuva lot better.

Anyway, if you want to visit this site in all its glory, you have to access it via http://ra226.net/~turbo - that way you get the really sweet favicon to go with it!

Thanks, Jade! Thanks all my loyal readers! Thanks mom for giving birth to me and allowing this day to come to pass!


JadeGordon said...

Heh, see, I told you, it's all your mom. Well, some of your dad, but mostly your momma. Later, MISTER Banana Beak!

TurboNed said...

You're weird, Jade.

JadeGordon said...

Pot, kettle. (-: