Friday, February 23, 2007

Because necessity demanded

I absolutely had to put up a wall of text here because that video occupying the top of my blog was simply too annoying to ignore so here is my wall of text random rambling run-on sentence that will attempt to be something which resembles in some way stream-of-consciousness writing except that I'm not really thinking about anything except thinking about thinking about thinking itself but I don't like writing about thinking about thinking so instead I'm going to write about writing about thinking about thinking about thinking and that is where stream-of-consciousness writing always seems to break down for me because I end up just writing about the process of writing itself and that's about as useful as a cave full of mynocks which I don't really like anyway but I'll write because I can and because the urge has struck me and because that video is still there haunting me and taunting me and challenging me to just leave it there in all of its pixelated nasty glory but I won't I'll move it off the top of the page and shove it down lower where people have to scroll to see it but maybe they won't and then I can be happy because it's all - and then my stream of consciousness gets interrupted by my RA dragging me out of the room to go participate in some random weird social event where people drink carbonated beverages which contain frozen vanilla-flavored sugary dairy product but I didn't have any because I'm all anti-social weird like that and didn't want to take any of their confections when I wasn't going to participate in their bizarre rituals of conversations so instead I just hung out on the fringes until my RA wasn't noticing me anymore and then I escaped back into the safety of my room with the lights turned off and the music turned up and the monitors illuminating my face and keyboard as I type away into the night which has just begun though I hope I'll actually get to sleep at an hour that's reasonably earlier than 4am or so because I'm tired of getting up in time for dinner and then being all bored trying to find something to do while avoiding doing homework though I don't know why it really matters since I don't do anything with anyone else anyway but at least having other people awake makes the place feel less vacant and/or dead and then I decided to change my music to listen to the Complete Recordings of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring which I just watched recently and that made me like the music all over again not that I ever had stopped liking the music, but re-watching the movie made me able to associate the music with the images and events of the movie again and I really like doing that because that's why I actually like movie scores so much more than other music because the movie scores are to movies like books are to movies they both have a piece of the story without having all the elements with no room for your imagination and little room for your interpretation and other music which doesn't have an associated story like true classical music isn't as appealing to me because it doesn't have those associations that I like having so listening to it is just hearing sounds though some of it is really cool (I absolutely adore the 1812 Overture especially with cannons) most of it just bores me even though I can't really identify any elements that classical music has or is missing compared to movie score music if that makes any sense but I think I've managed to make a sufficiently long and indecipherable wall of text so as to obscure that horrific video and keep it from popping up on screen without being scrolled to by some poor user who just decides to look at this blog.


JadeGordon said...

That's quite the paragraph!

Daniel said...

Silly user of run-on sentences.

That reminds me of something. You absolutely must read this story. Really:

Self-referential Story

TurboNed said...

This sentence is either complementing or expressing disdain for the heritage of the author of that article, but doing so in a roundabout way.