Monday, June 18, 2007

It's not fair.

361.5 days since last I've seen her face (and the counter since last I've had any communication whatsoever is up at the top-right of this page), and still I find myself wishing I could manage a day without thinking of her.

Will this never stop?


JadeGordon said...

It gets easier over time, but if you stopped thinking about her entirely you might let go of what made knowing her worth the pain you feel now, and from how you feel, I assume she was worth it. The experiences and memories help you learn and grow, but you have to live to see the benefit.

It sounds weird and unlikely now, but... in the moment you'll never see past the frustration of the thoughts. Eventually, the memories won't hurt and badger, and you can learn to love them as part of life. Time really does have to work it's magic, though. Hang in there, you have friends and family who love you and will help shape new memories to carry you through.

Also... I knew the counter meant something more than what you told me. I'm not entirely dense, eh? (-:

Lori Ann said...

*big hug*