Monday, January 07, 2008

Just a quick inquiry

I'm curious who/how many people read(s) this blog. If you read, would you drop a comment on this? Even anonymous is fine, I don't necessarily need to know who you are.


JadeGordon said...


Jester said...

(insert witty remark here) !!!

Jonathan said...

I check your blog

Jai said...

Me! Though not often. But only cos you don't write often.


TurboNed said...

I used to write often. Then I stopped. I may start again. As the saying goes, something's gotta give, though.

Anonymous said...

jadium226 -
[falling whistling sound...]
(sorry, that's what you get for asking me to drop a comment). And it seems anyone who comments here has to have a name that starts with J. What's with that?

TurboNed said...

I left a comment here. My name starts with "t". *shrug*

Sydney said...




P.S. My brother is a 41er.

Amal said...

I realized I hadn't posted here yet, so now I will :)

Update, since I know there has been a few life changes since your last post.

Anonymous said...