Friday, May 18, 2007

For those wondering...

My computer is not yet built. The ETA is currently "two days ago." Maybe tomorrow the new motherboard will come in the mail and we'll see if that actually works. Saturday is going to be day of extreme pain as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of my parents' ownership of their restaurant. They're rolling back the prices to 1977 ones (a $3.25 cheeseburger becomes $0.95, for example), and when we did this for the 20th anniversary 10 years ago (funny how that math works out), it ended up being the busiest day ever.

By a factor of about 4.

In terms of gross income, we've only once ever managed to hit the same value once ever - and we did so with present-day prices.

People came to stand in line for an hour just to place their order and wait for another 2 hours just to get their food. That's how busy we were.

Well, on the bright side, having done it once before, we have some sort of idea of what we're getting into and we're taking some precautions that we'd have never thought of without the experience of having done this. We'll see how it goes. No matter what happens though, I'm quite certain that I'm going to miss Kara on Saturday since I'll be down there from (at the very least) 10:30am to 9:00pm.


Lori Ann said...

They let you go to Kara?

*wishing for 70*

Ra_226 said...

What fun, I think I would have enjoyed getting a 95 cent cheeseburger. And 1977 was a good year, let me tell you... ;)

-- Ra_226