Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Best idea ever?

You tell me. My thoughts are that if it's the best idea ever, I must be in a whole different class of thought than the people who developed this thing because I'm just not seeing it.

Ditto for this.


JadeGordon said...

I've seen things like that for remotes that attach to the couch, but I fail to see why it would work on the head. Haven't they heard about people loosing their sunglasses that way?

The table... Would be great if it didn't make a hole. Maybe if it were on hooks under it or something.

I also tell you what isn't the best idea ever... getting attuned to Naxx, and trying to solo anything. (-:

Lori Ann said...

Also not the best idea ever: for a party of 9, preparing the "medium" filet mignon early and setting it under a heat lamp for, oh, say, 30 minutes and then serving it to the patron "well done" with mashed potatoes that have a thickened skin and totally wilted broccoli.

Lori Ann said...

Also known as the cruddy dinner I didn't have to pay for, but still had to tip 17% (built in on parties over 6) last night.

TurboNed said...

*Shudder* 30 minutes under a heat lamp? Veggies and everything? Any proper chef should be ashamed to let his food be seen in such a condition.

That was one thing I learned while working in the restaurant business: you should be proud of what the customer sees when they get the food. Aesthetic presentation is just as important as the taste quality, and if you fail on both counts, then you've failed doubly.